Video Interview: Privet Earth – Ivan Smirnov

Last September, in Griffith Park, one of the largest urban parks in North America, in California, during an experimental work of Low Pulse Project, I had the pleasure to interview, once again, the founder and of the Blitz Rock and leader of Privet Earth: Ivan Smirnov.

This video you are going to watch features fragments of a longer interview. These fragments are extracts for EM Magazine.
It has been a pleasant interview, shot between the town and the wilderness, even if has been often interrupted by rumble of planes, sirens dell’911 and troops of the US Army in training. Anyway we have been able to get out from the expansive, dark and smelly Hollywood studios (no windows but air conditioning 24 hours a day) in order to breathe and be inspired from the sparkling hills of Hollywood.
Right on this occasion, exclusively for EM, Ivan has performed live, unplugged, at 10 am, in a quite hard condition. You will see a flawless and passionate artist. Poet, novelist, songwriter, musician Ivan is all that you will see in these short fragments.


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