Emergenza Musicale was born in 2005 as a  web music magazine featuring music, records, and artist news and reviews.

Lately its interests expanded  into different kinds of arts and cultures from all over the world, listings music gigs, theatre and dance performances, movies, events, and much more.
Published in Italy, EM is written in Italian and has a section translated in English.
Since the begin EM magazine has reached a wide range of readers, that includes: music “makers” and music lovers ;readers and writers of all kind; artists and, museums and arts lovers, and so on…
A section is dedicated for those who look for  upcoming and new released  records and for those who produce indipendent music. Emergenza Musicale through Anbruradio’s player offers you the possibility to listen to independent music from all over the world with just a “CLICK”.
“Artisti in Primo Piano” on EM home page is a space dedicated to promo video of upcoming artists that allows  you to watch your favourite video with just a “CLICK”.
It’s all about Art and Culture… Check it out and enjoy!
Supporting EM means support Art and Culture.
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